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Fra Fejø - Ecological apple marmelade. Danish produced marmelade only based on Danish ecological products. We have also chosen to use the rind in order to reduce waste of food and secure the good taste!

Ingredients: Danish ecological apples (89%), Vanilla sugar (1%). (*There is a version on the market with apple pectin and citric acid, check the declaration of content)
Storing: At room temperatures. Opened: 2-3 weeks in refrigerator.
Best before: See the side. If you do not hear the vacuum breaking when opening, you should not eat the contents. (heat pasteurized)

Nutritive content/100g: Energy 375kJ/89kcal | Fat 0,3g (Of these saturates 0,1g) | Cabohydrates 22,2g (Of these sugar species 20,1g) | Fibers 2,0g | Proteins 0,2g | Salt 0,0g | Gluten and lactose free

*NB: We are phasing out our old recipee made with granulated sugar, which contains apple pectin and citric acid. The new recipee is made "without" granulated sugar! Check the declaration of content on the glass, if you have allergy.