From Fejø to you

The conditions on Fejø are almost perfect for growing organic apples, pears and plums. This is the reason why the fruit of the island tastes so good. We think, it should benefit other people but us on Fejø. But for us it is more than putting good taste on glass. Therefore you do also buy several different values, when you buy Fra Fejøs mash, marmelade and other delicious things. We have high demands to all the stages of the production to secure that you bring tasty and healthy products home, which at the same time are a sustainable Danish alternative to the things, which you ellers can find in the shops. We make a special effort to fulfil our own high standards every day, because it is very important for us to do the right things.


  • High quality - Fra Fejø chooses the suppliers of fruits and vegetables carefully based on taste and quality.
  • Local production – Fra Fejø uses the best local products from Fejø and the surrounding area and maintains the production on Lolland of benefit to the environment and the local business life.
  • Local co-operation - We do if possible use local partners, ranging from banks, couriers, packaging and suppliers to bookkeepers etc.
  • Environmental production – Fra Fejø works hard to keep the transport of products as close as possible to the production in order to reduce the derivation of CO2. We only use organic and primarily locally produced products - and we work for reducing waste of food as we all the time work on how to use the products as much as possible.
  • Transparency – We are very proud, of our work at Fra Fejø, and we are not afraid of showing it. We value having full transparency in all the activities of our firm.