Us from Fejø

Thomas Hermansen and Ditte L. Mortensen live with their children on the small island Fejø, which is situated in Smålandshavet a short distance from the north of Lolland. When the oldest child was born, the couple began making mash of the fruits from the island for their baby, as they always have done in those parts of Denmark. But like many other people Thomas and Ditte could not manage to prepare every meal entirely und had to look for alternatives to their fruit mash in the supermarkets. They just could not find any products, which could match the mash, which they made themselves: mash of the best Danish organic fruits without sugar or other additives. Thomas decided to prepare the mash of the good apples, pears and plums from Fejø and founded "Fra Fejø" together with Ditte in 2017. Today families in Denmark have a delicious, healthy and environmental Danish alternative to the conventional baby mash, which you usually can find on the shelves in the shops, where most people shop. Since then more products have been launched. And although you today can find some good organic carrots from for instance Lammefjorden and other fine products in some of the glasses, it is still the delicious fruit from Fejø, which is the centre of rotation for the firm and the products, which you can take a closer look at here.