The fruits from Fejø

Fejø is known for its very tasty apples, pears and plums. This is for instance due to the fact that the fruit on the island has better conditions for becoming so delicious. The sea around the island makes the climate warmer and keeps the frost away at spring just like the water catches the sunbeams thus making the light much more intense. On Fejø the sun shines many more hours than in other parts of Denmark. These facts contribute to giving the Fejø fruit its nutritive power and gives it the perfect mixture of sweetness and sourness, which make it so delicious. It is the same fruit and taste, which can be found in Fra Fejøs products - together with the fruit, which is not nice enough to stand on the shelves in the shops, and Thomas and Ditte use them and transform them into delicious marmelades, baby mash and other good products for your stomach. This way we all make the best out of the fruits of the island, without anything being wasted. When the organic fruit has been picked, it sails from Fejø to the mainland at Lolland, where it in many different ways is prepared and put on glass at the organic manor of Knuthenlund. You can buy our products on this homepage and at different vendors, you can find the list here.
Read more about Fejø here: or Fejø.dk