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Organic smoothie with plum/apple. Danish produced smoothie only based on Danish organic products. We have chosen to use the rind in order to reduce waste of food, and at the same time we preserve the good vitamines and secure the good taste!

Ingredients: Danish organic Apples (67%), Plums (22%) and Pear Cider (11%).
Storing: At room temperatures. Opened: 24 hours in refrigerator. If you have eaten of the bag, you must throw out the rest.
Best before: See the back of the bag. (The contents are heat pasteurized)
Suggestions for serving: As a snack, sweet or on porridge.

Nutritive content / 100g: Energy 207kJ/49kcal | Fat 0,3g (Of these saturates 0,1g) | Carbohydrates 12,2g (Of these sugar species 10,1g) | Fibers 1,8g | Proteins 0,3g | Salat 0,0g | Gluten and lactose free